Joy Dazey

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Managing Director 

Odds & Ends

Where are some of the places you’ve lived that impacted your life?

Oregon tops the list as I was born here and have lived in several beautiful parts of the state. Other places would have to include San Francisco, Houston, Puerto Rico, St. Croix and Southern Florida.

What are some of your favorite things to do?

Eating is definitely a favorite and a delicious meal is something I always enjoy. Fortunately, I also like being active whether it’s dancing a jig, exploring the outdoors or having a “walking meeting”.

What path brought you to this business?

Full Spectrum has evolved over the years and it’s been exciting to see the business mature. I have always been drawn to creative artistry and business and I’ve found the greatest fulfillment when the two are blended together. I also love partnering with other entrepreneurial-spirited people and tapping into my right and left brain to help bring a vision to fruition.

When did you start getting interested in technology?

I’ve had an interest in technology for a long time. Okay, I admit it, I took COBOL and Fortran in college and yes, we did use punched cards! Since that time, it’s been incredible to experience the advancements that have taken place in technology. There’s more happening than I can keep up with but I’ve had an extraordinary time building my own computers from scratch and figuring out the CSS code to jazz up our website.

How have others described working with and for you?

I received feedback from one of my 360 assessments that “I operate with energy and enthusiasm bolstered by solid technical grounding and professional expertise”. My colleagues have also told me that I bring fun and lightheartedness to any environment, am balanced and fair, ask great questions, offer emotional support, have amazing attention to detail and am dedicated to the nth degree.



Joy is a versatile leader and entrepreneur with comprehensive experience who has held senior-level positions with small boutiques and large global organizations, and has successfully partnered with executives and their executive teams as a team member, internal and external consultant.

Her career started in accounting with a CPA firm and she launched her exploration into talent management when she was recruited to place specialized talent in San Francisco. In ensuing years and moves around the country, Joy recruited, coached, managed and consulted in a broad range of in-house and external roles. She expanded her business acumen through additional experience in human resources, organizational development, program/project management, technology, sales, service delivery, real estate, and other operational roles.

Joy is a reliable advisor and trusted coach who delivers creative solutions built on solid planning and communication strategies. She is adept at inspiring and connecting entrepreneurs, creative, technical, and professional talent and teams, to improve performance, enhance engagement and achieve targeted objectives. Joy is a diplomatic facilitator and proactively partners with others to build collaborative relationships grounded in inclusion, diversity, equity and access. She is recognized for evaluating, designing and streamlining strategies, practices, policies, programs, systems and processes.

Joy is a results-oriented director with a client-first focus who uses her strategic and tactical management experience to ensure stakeholder satisfaction and expedient issue resolution. She is skilled at assessing and allocating human, financial and technology resources in multi-site, virtual and geographically dispersed teams to optimize top and bottom-line results, and produce high-impact value.

Education and Training

Joy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science with a 4.0 GPA from Portland State University and has an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Accounting Technology with a 3.75 GPA from Oregon Institute of Technology.

Joy is experienced in the delivery of a broad array of assessments and has participated in many types of training related to coaching, career management, dynamic consulting, business development, ED&I, life/work and sustainable, creative communities.

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