Recording Studio

 Blue Square FingerprintRehearsing, Tracking, Mixing and Mastering

Our recording studio is designed as a comfortable space to stimulate, develop, capture and deliver ideas. You can rehearse and/or track in our studio or upload tracks to our “Airdrives” for expert mixing and mastering. We love what we do and are so confident in our production skills that unless you are 100% satisfied with our work you pay nothing.

  • Studio was built and wired with the help of a world class audio design engineer
  • Tracking and mixing room has been acoustically treated for best sound creation
  • High-end Apogee and Benchmark converters
  • Universal Audio UAD Quad Omni
  • Compressors, EQs, channel strips, delays, reverbs, modulation effects, etc.
  • Mastering tools and outboard gear
  • Full complement of mics, amps, drums, basses, guitars and keyboards
  • Peet’s coffee

 Red Circle FingerprintDigital archiving of LPs, Cassettes, Reel-to-Reel and VHS Tapes

Yellow Triangle FingerprintDigital audio restoration and audio forensics
We can remove the noise from scratches, pops and clicks along with background noise from old treasured recordings. We can also reveal what is actually being said from noisy audio recordings.

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