Need a Utility Player?

As an experienced entrepreneur and versatile leader, I can help your organization rev some engines, cool some jets and corral some chaos. When you need to drive strategic initiatives and deliver operational results, here’s where I can provide support.

manage talent ~ boost productivity ~ meet customer needs ~ improve customer service ~ increase revenue ~ reduce costs ~ use resources more efficiently ~ complete key projects ~ reach targeted objectives

Talent Management

My place in the talent management space is collaborating with you to support your most valuable asset, your people. The “right” talent is essential to optimize your organization’s health and I can assist throughout the entire employee life cycle including recruiting, selecting and onboarding key talent; mining for untapped internal talent, guiding employees with situational issues e.g., difficult conversations, poor performance; and evaluating alternative career transitions. I help others do what they love and love what they do so your organization will be better equipped to:

  • attract and retain outstanding talent
  • reduce employee turnover and decrease recruiting costs
  • promote employee satisfaction, motivation and engagement
  • offer targeted development to improve performance
  • improve support and guidance to develop talent
  • foster teamwork
  • cultivate others to serve as collaborative coaches
  • enhance open communication and collaboration
  • maintain a highly qualified, diverse and inclusive workforce

Brand Strategies

Aligning and shepherding your consumer and employer brand strategies has never been more important as the rise of social media has made the reputation of organizations infinitely more transparent. Perceptions may or may not be reality but aligning and shepherding your brand can go a long way toward reinforcing positive relationships with your past, present and future stakeholders e.g., employees, customers, vendors, strategic partners.


Communicating effectively and engaging key stakeholders is paramount to the success of any initiative. I evaluate, create and edit communications to deliver compelling messages for internal and external target audiences.

Business Development

Together, we can develop your sales strategy, operational framework and business development talent to generate more revenue and increase margins.

Customer Service

I value the customer experience as a critical strategic asset. With a client-first focus, I’ll take an objective view of your customer experience and provide feedback and recommendations so you can exceed customer expectations.

Operations Improvement

I can help you improve productivity and efficiency by identifying and addressing operational gaps.

I can add value whether on a project from concept to completion, providing specific objective advice or a just a little targeted support. Have an idea in mind? I’d love to hear it and if I’m not the right person for the job, I may know someone who is.

You can contact me directly at 503-387-3583 or email me at For more details about my background, follow the links below. Technical Professional