Multimedia may conjure up different thoughts for different people and that’s understandable. We like to say that multimedia is a way of expressing ideas where multiple types of media are employed. From the simple to the complex, we can blend any of the following:

  • Sound (Learn more about our Recording Studio)
  • Text
  • Images
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Multiple display venues presented concurrently

Our services also include interactive multimedia where the user’s role shifts from observer to participant. Audiences can be involved through the use of technology tools or live participation perhaps using a speaker or actors and “props” together with other media.

Do you have something important to communicate and need to envision the best content and delivery approach? Have you ever had a great opportunity vanish because your message missed the mark? Is your personal brand ruining your professional opportunities? Is it time to align your consumer and employer brand strategies?

Aligning and shepherding your consumer and employer brand strategies has never been more important as the rise of social media has made the reputation of organizations infinitely more transparent. Perceptions may or may not be reality but aligning and shepherding your brand can go a long way toward reinforcing positive relationships with your past, present and future stakeholders e.g., employees, customers, vendors, strategic partners.

If so, let’s talk.

Whatever you’re planning, we have experts with decades of multimedia experience on all levels ready to help you from concept to completion. Even live sound, event security and catering . . . no problem!

Paintings by Dash Randell

Eye of the Storm Painting by Dash Randell

Eye of the Storm

Astral Shower Painting by Dash Randell

Astral Shower

Heart Vessel Painting by Dash Randell

Heart Vessel

Feeding Frenzy Painting by Dash Randell

Feeding Frenzy