Talent Management for Your Self

At Full Spectrum, we take pride in developing and delivering services to help you help Your Self. Our goal is to provide the tools and resources you need to do what you love and love what you do. Thank goodness, no two people are exactly alike and that’s why we work with you to develop services tailored to actualize your aspirations.

We all have a unique path even if it isn’t a road less traveled. It can be quite healthy to examine Your Self periodically and make sure you are headed toward the destination you have in mind. This exercise may result in confirmation that you’re doing exactly what you should or elicit an epiphany that it’s time to reinvent yourself and of course, there’s a lot of middle ground between those two findings.

We are reliable advisors and trusted coaches who deliver creative solutions built on solid planning and communication strategies. This journey includes looking inward and outward from past to present to future. Our expertise is in career & transition management, and entrepreneurship, and here is our Approach.

As you’ll hear often from us, our approach is to customize services since one size doesn’t fit all. It’s no different with our coaching because that is how we can optimize the value we provide. You set the agenda and with our support the relationship is focused on successfully achieving the results you are pursuing.

We do not view coaching as just pre-determined consultations at specific times and that’s it. Our philosophy is that we’re building a relationship and that’s why having the right chemistry is critical. Our focus is on you and the goals you have for your personal and professional development. Our objective is to spend meaningful time with you concentrating on what you are endeavoring to accomplish. Our process has structure to establish clear expectations and also furnishes the ability to modify the course of action as needed.


  • Complimentary initial 30-minute telephone consultation
  • One-to-One Anchor Sessions that average one hour in length.
    • Sessions may be longer in length at the beginning and can be adapted to more sessions that are of shorter duration as the coaching progresses.
    • Initial sessions are ideally in-person and can continue face-to-face or be modified to Skype or telephone options.
    • Scheduled weekly or biweekly meetings are ideal for momentum.
  • Auxiliary Assistance is available between Anchor Sessions for questions or issues needing timely attention so that you can continue making progress before our next scheduled meeting. This support takes the form of brief telephone conversations, emails, etc.

Because of our approach, we find it more effective to talk about our services and pricing in terms of weeks of service. Together we develop a program timeline for planning purposes which will help to effectively design a road map for you to reach your targeted milestones and make the changes you envision. We also offer the opportunity to place your services on hold when other dynamics may interfere with your ability to make effective progress in a timely manner.

While our pricing is reasonable, we realize when you are unemployed or financially challenged that it is difficult to spend money even when it is an investment in yourself. We also understand that an entrepreneur’s income stream can be a feast or famine roller coaster ride. If you are currently in this situation, we still encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation where we may be able to refer you to other options or at a minimum deliver some basic assistance to move you toward the important changes you are striving to make in your life. 

Full Spectrum BulletCareer & Transition Management

We make many choices every day that contribute to balance and fulfillment in our “wheel of life”. Our career is just one spoke in that wheel but it can consume a stunning amount of time and energy.

Sometimes it’s more about managing or developing your career than changing it. If that’s the case, you may want to devote time to address difficult relationships or conversations, alternative career moves, strategic positioning, promotions or preparing for your annual review. Another possibility may be the result of internal or external influences you are experiencing leading to a career decision about whether to stay or leave an organization.

If your career isn’t everything you want it to be, maybe it is time to consider a change. Here is an overview of basic career transition components.

  • Inward Exploration
  • Outward Investigation
  • Marketing Materials: Creation, Development & Action Planning
  • Marketing Strategy – Formal & Informal Markets
  • Marketing Plan Implementation
  • Interview Strategies
  • Evaluating and Negotiating Offers
  • Monitoring, Assessing & Modifying Your Job Search Strategy
  • Endings & New Beginnings

It’s clearly important to review the fundamental elements of a career transition but it’s not necessary to spend too much time on specific aspects that you have well in hand. We will document our approach to make sure we are both clear on next steps and have a flexible framework to produce steady progress. 

Full Spectrum BulletEntrepreneurship

Becoming an entrepreneur is a serious decision and will affect every aspect of your life. We can work with you to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of self-employment, characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, business ownership options and evaluate how well-suited you are for this type of pursuit.

If you’ve already taken the plunge, you know entrepreneurs wear many hats and being your own boss is exhilarating and exhausting. Full Spectrum can meet your changing needs and those of your organization so you can to stay fresh. We are entrepreneurs and have experience working with entrepreneurs so whether you want to boost your productivity, increase revenue, effectively meet customer needs, improve customer service, use resources more efficiently, reduce costs, complete key projects or reach other business objectives, we stand ready to inspire you to achieve your goals. Below are examples of some areas where we can assist.

  • Communications – Full Spectrum evaluates, creates and edits communications for internal and external target audiences. Communicating effectively and engaging key stakeholders is paramount to the success of any initiative. We work closely with you to design effective strategies that deliver the intended message.
  • Business Development – Together, we can develop your sales strategy, operational framework and business development talent to generate more revenue and increase margins.
  • Customer Service – We value the customer experience as a critical strategic asset. With a client-first focus, we take an objective view of your customer experience and provide feedback and recommendations so you can exceed customer expectations.
  • Operations Improvement – We can help you improve productivity and efficiency by identifying and addressing operational gaps.

So, are you pursuing your dreams or perhaps settling for a less risky, more “practical” alternative? Just remember there is no guarantee of success in any endeavor whether it’s your loftiest ambition or a fallback position. Abandoning hope and fearing failure can lead to unhappiness and a life of “what if” regrets. Freedom of choice is a gift to embrace.

We want to bring out your Superhero within whether you’re ready to fly in the galaxy, dive deep in the ocean, explore the earth’s inner core or cool your jets. Let us foster your SuperTalents so you are ready to overcome any obstacle that awaits you. C’mon, give us a call.

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