Here are some of our photos that take us back and capture a few of our favorite memories.

Dash Randell Stage

Dash Randell Band

Dash Randell Stage B&W

Dash’s early days in his second pro band.

Joy Dazey CT@WTC

Joy on Center Stage at the former World Trade Center.

Dash Randell Top SF Flat

Dash’s rockin move to San Francisco … celebrating the formation of his all new original band on the roof of his two story flat.

Social Insecurity Waterfall

The all original band “Social Insecurity” with Mark D on drums and percussion, Joy on vocals, keys and keyboard bass and Dash on vocals, guitar and occasional electric bass.

Joy Dazey Gig

Joy playing live at a local club with the band.

Dash Randell St. Louis

Dash in St. Louis not realizing what a ruckus or lack thereof that his purple tie would cause him and his friends when they crossed the Mississippi River into East St. Louis in Illinois in the wee hours of the night entering a quintessential redneck bar. Missouri was dry at that hour and the story is too funny to put into words so feel free to call him for further details. 


Dash & Joy Wedding

Dash Randell Wedding

A Wedding Day in Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea and then off to the St. Francis Hotel on Union Square in San Francisco.

Joy Dazey HCC

Joy loving her work at Houston Creative Connections.

Dash Randell SF Hilton

Dash having a culinary gastronomic experience at the San Francisco Hilton.

Joy Dazey & a Feast

Joy always delighting in great food and enjoying a mouthwatering meal with fantastic friends. 

Joy Dazey Terry Riley Bridge

Joy hiking at Tryon Creek State Park near Lewis & Clark after a three-mile ride from home on her motorcycle. 

Dash Randell Big Stick

Dash trying to walk softly and carry a big stick.

Dash Randell & Spear Gun

Dash thinking swim, snorkel and dive gently while carrying a big spear gun especially in shark infested waters. Dash has two true shark stories to tell anyone who might be curious. No fish were wounded or killed during this shoot.

Joy Dazey Sedona Dip

Joy in Sedona, AZ thinking it’s time for a cool dip and she isn’t thinking guacamole.